Unleash Your Good

Cauze is your personal giving account.
Think Venmo meets Instagram for giving.

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$3 per employee*

Become a Cauze-enabled employer today!

Fee-free Giving

A social giving profile for every employee with 100% of all grants going to charity.

Company Foundation

Maintenance-free setup and administration of your corporate giving foundation.

Track Corporate Good

Ongoing insight into workforce engagement and social interests.

*$3 per employee/month with $59/month min

The Cauze Personal Giving Account

One-touch Giving

Give to any charity, at any moment, in any amount, with the touch of a button.

Earn for Your Account

Your own money + funds gifted to you from your employer.

Every U.S. Charity

Every 501(c)3 charity registered in the United States is on our platform. That's 1M+ charities.

Follow and Join Friends

Invite your do-gooder friends. They can follow you, and can join you when they are inspired.

One Receipt

You can give $5 each to 100 different charities, and it’s still only one receipt for tax purposes.

Social Giving Profile

Finally a way to see your giving in one place and to express to the world that you're a giver.