How it works.

Each year in the U.S., people give more than $330 billion to nonprofits. Every donation is an independent transaction that’s anything but an easy process. At the same time, there’s no way for people to give at the exact moment they feel inspired. Until now.

How many times have you been inspired, but weren’t sure where or how to give? Cauze was started to make giving at any moment of inspiration as simple and social as possible.

Here’s a link to our mission.

You can follow friends, family, nonprofits or influencers. You can invite your do-gooder friends to join you in Cauze and you can give together.

Every donation in Cauze has the potential of being joined by friends in any amount at any time. You can join friends when inspired, share Cauzes you care about, and avoid the social pressure of starting a fundraiser.

We’re all unique in where we want to give. Cauze has every public 501c3 nonprofit, that is updated weekly. It may be your local soccer club, an international organization, or a nonprofit that was recently started by a friend. They are all in Cauze.

Whether you give to 5, 10, or 100 nonprofits during the year, it’s one simple receipt.

Now more than ever employers know the value of giving back. Cauze can partner with your employer to provide a real-time employee match for every donation you make. Employers also have the option to gift a balance to their employees, either as a one-time gift or as a recurring gift on a schedule set by them.

Currently, donations can only go to nonprofits, not personal fundraising like medical costs or college tuition, etc.

Nope. You cannot recieve any personal benefit from a donation in Cauze. A weekend in Hawaii may be a great auction item, but it’s not technically a donation.

Cauze is all about individual givers. We do not enable employers to see specific details around where individual employees give or how much they give. We do give them an overall report on charities supported across all employees, but nothing personally identifiable.

Cauze disconnects you from your employer and your Cauze account follows you. We encourage you to create an account with your personal email.

100% of your personal grant goes to the charity. (there is a credit card fee that you pay, but that goes directly to our processor, and is something we hope to reduce.)

If you use a gifted balance (from an employer for example), 95.1% of that portion goes to the nonprofit. Unless… your company has opted to cover that portion.

Nonprofits are very excited about Cauze for many reasons, including the low cost relative to other fundraising options.