Create a culture of giving back

Looking to attract and engage with millennial employees? Cauze is a social giving platform that helps growth companies bring employees together by giving back.

Cauze is unlike traditional corporate giving programs you’ve seen at larger corporations that feel like a top down request to give and an administrative overhaul.

Cauze enables companies of any size to turn on an employee centric giving program in a week, that is social, fully automated and something employees will love.

Now more than ever, employees care about working for a company that gives. 51% of employees do not want to work for a company without strong social and environmental commitments.

We also understand that facilitating an employee giveback program can be a hassle for everyone involved, especially when employees are having to submit receipts, HR is manually matching donations, etc. So we made it simpler.

Employers can leverage Cauze in two major ways. First, you can offer matching. Matching is easily customized – whether you want to match for a week, a month, or set up an annual giving program. We’ve got companies that do both! The second option is to set up a rewards program through Cauze. Swap out those gift cards that go unused for a Cauze balance. We’ve found that it’s a more motivating and rewarding experience for everyone.

Once you’ve set up an employee matching fund with Cauze, any employee who gives through the app will have the option to have their donation matched during the checkout process. They choose where to give that match and whether or not to spend the match on one nonprofit or across several. There is no administrative work for the employee, the employer, or the nonprofit.

Employees earn rewards or be gifted rewards by the employer. These show up as a balance in the employee’s Cauze account, that enables them to give to any nonprofit(s) of their choice.

We can have a fully functional matching and rewards program set up in a day. Reach out to us and let our team help you start unleashing your good!